This site is not a newspaper, as it is updated without any periodicity. Now, the same data miner has brought info on a brand new SBC that’s sure to get some people excited. FIFA 21 Ones to Watch (OTW) - Team 2, New Cards, Deadline Day, Rodriguez SBC & more. How to Complete Flashback Witsel SBC in FIFA 21. Here’s everything you need to know to master it in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. However, we should stress that it’s not this simple. The top strikers and forwards in FIFA 21 and where to find them. Remember too that prices aren't fixed, and could change at any moment - but the prices below are as accurate as we could get them confirmed at the time of writing. Earlier in the FIFA calendar you would’ve expected to pay some big money for a 90-rated POTM SBC, but with TOTS having been and gone, it’s far cheaper than usual. We’d recommend dropping the price search by about 10%, which in this case will take our searches down to about 2,400 coins. Here’s why: For starters, his balance is very weak at just 79 and, given that he’s 6’1” - which in itself is quite tall for a CAM - he’s going to feel quite clunky on the ball. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it’ll just require more patience. Like all Player of the Month SBC’s, you’ll have a fair amount of time to complete. Its requirements are as follows: Normally a 90-rated POTM card for less than 80k would be a definite yes, on this occasion though, it’s a no. © 2014/2020 - is on-line since March 16th 2014 and is not a site managed by Electronic Arts. Thanks for taking part! 5* skills and a 4* weak foot is a BIG plus, and his M/H work rates are perfect for a CAM. As it stands currently, there is no expiration date on this Philippe Coutinho SBC. We've attemped to find some of the cheapest solutions doing the rounds and outline them for you below, but it's worth bearing the fact that there are always more options to be found in mind. We even found one for 2,100 coins – 600 coins below the value we know he can sell for. share. Posted by. In terms of actually pushing the buttons quickly to buy the player, practice makes perfect. Cookies allow us to provide our services and provide a personalized experience. Here's the solution to the first, as well as his video. Bundesliga SBC reward overview. To complete the SBC, you will need to submit: ... A new Dries Mertens flashback SBC is now available in FIFA 20 - a regular 91 version and a premium 95 version. Never miss a thing. What you need to do for all three squads is to build a team based on one of the major leagues in FIFA 21. With a significant upgrade and position change, it should come as no shock to see that there are four squads that need submitting in order to unlock this TOTSSF Coutinho card! Not to mention it’s (probably) the only chance you’ll get the Brazilian as a 90+ rated CAM on this FIFA! First off, you need to pick the player you want. You're looking at anywhere between 130,000 FUT Coins and 200,000 FUT Coins for completing the whole thing. Just the one squad needs submitting. Raphinha is a steal for just a few thousand coins. You need to complete three separate challenges to get the group reward of the TOTW Bundesliga Lewandowski this time, more than Pukki or Martínez. The solutions this we're going for this time come from YouTuber Elyyt, who's excellent at finding cheap solutions to these problems. As you can see, there are hundreds of cards available for 2,700 coins. FIFA 20: Bundesliga POTM Kai Havertz SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Estimated Cost, Player Review & more The Bundesliga POTM is back and it … This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. The best way to do it is to practice. Here, we’re going to break down how to do it, and how it can benefit you and your Ultimate Team bank. Keep on following us also through our social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information. test :

Join the discussion or compare with others! One way around this is ‘sniping’ – the act of intentionally searching below a player’s typical buy it now (BIN) price, and then acting quickly to finalize the purchase. FeatureFIFA's greatest obstacles? This is why we recommend going about 10% below their standard BIN price, or lower. Matheus Cunha. If you’re sniping to trade, remember EA’s 5% tax. The 21-year-old has been in fine form for Bayer as they chase a Champions League spot for next season. The Bundesliga TOTSSF cards offer some serious talent. Plus new Daily Rides challenges for all players. If you’ve got your eyes on any Bundesliga players for your team, this SBC will be perfect for you as it offers players the chance to get a guaranteed Bundesliga TOTSSF card, with the likes of 99-rated Lewandowski, 97-rated Werner, 96-rated Sancho and many more up for grabs. Players will also be more careful to get their money’s worth when listing a better, rarer player. FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC requirements and rewards You need to complete three separate challenges to get the group reward of the TOTW Bundesliga … Buying a Raphinha today for 2,400 coins might be a good deal, but tomorrow he could only be worth 2,200 coins. FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC 85-rated Squad Solution: This final stage came out at just over 80,000 FUT Coins for us, for a total of around 180,000. Complete SBCs to earn rewards ( Repeatable ) No – Expired. FIFA 20: Bundesliga TOTSSF Philippe Coutinho SBC – Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Player Review, Estimated Cost & more. Robert Lewandowski: Exchange a squad featuring players from the Bundesliga, Robert Lewandowski: Exchange a squad featuring players from Germany, Robert Lewandowski: Exchange an 85-rated squad. Thomas Müller, ugly football, and you, Lionel Messi is still the best footballer in the world, according to FIFA 21, There's more than a bit of Football Manager in FIFA 21's Career Mode, FIFA 21 potential wonderkids: the best career mode youngsters and hidden gems. Some bargains are available, even in players’ given price ranges. FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC requirements and rewards, FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC: Premier League solution, FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC: 82-rated squad solution. Trademarks and brands are the property of If … Up to you if it's worth your time - but Lewa is a cracking forward if you have the cash! © 2020 Gfinity. Detailed analysis to the FIFA 20 Bundesliga SBC: challenges requirements and rewards, release date, player pick group reward, prices and solutions. This one will last for 27 days, expiring on Monday, July 13. It’s been a while since we had one of these! If accurate, we should expect these SBCs to go live sooner rather than later, and it’s likely that they might be a bit pricey, so make sure to start saving if you want to complete them when they arrive. In this Raphinha example, you’ll probably need to alternate between about 2,300 and 2,400 coins. You’ll need to select the player, move down to Buy Now, then move up to ‘Yes’. There are fewer of them, and players will be more cautious when listing a highly valuable player. You can find solutions for this SBC over on FUTBIN here. We’ve already seen some guaranteed TOTSSF SBC’s appear in the game, including a Premier League one, and a notable leaker named FUT Watch also revealed that La Liga and Turkish Super Lig Guaranteed TOTSSF SBCs would be coming to the game. If you want an alternative to Elyyt, be sure to take a look at the video from Vizeh or play around and give it a stab of your own! The TOTS So Far event has been running since late April, giving players from every major league in the world a huge upgrade to reflect their performances so far this season. He’s an expensive investment, but trust us, he’ll be worth it! 62 of 7.03.2001, FIFA 20: Premier League winter ball revealed, FIFA 20: The Champions Path SBC announced, FIFA 21: How FUT Champions Weekend League matches contribute to your Division Rivals Weekly Score, FIFA 21: Andrej Kramaric POTM Septemper Winner of Bundesliga – Requirements and Solutions, FIFA 21: The FUT Champions Weekend League on October 16th has been delayed by 24 hours, FIFA 21: James Rodriguez OTW SBC announced – Requirements and Solutions, FIFA 21: Requirements for Matej Vydra Silver Stars card in Season Objectives, FIFA 21: OTW Team 2 – Ones To Watch cards announced, FIFA 21: The Ratings and Stats of all the new Icons have been revealed, FIFA 20: Video tutorial for the new New Strafe Dribbling, FIFA 20: Video tutorial for the new New Curved Free Kick, FIFA 20: Video tutorial for All New Skills, FIFA 20: Video tutorial for the new Free Kicks, FIFA 21: TOTW 3 announced – Sergio Ramos Walker Partey, FIFA 21: TOTW 2 announced – Lewandowki Kane Haaland, FIFA 21: TOTW 1 announced – Ben Yedder Suarez Vardy, FIFA 20: TOTW 45 announced – Kane Son Gnabry, FIFA 20: TOTW 44 announced – Salah Willian Orsic, FIFA Mobile: Europa League Group Stage Event, FIFA Mobile: Friend List – Official Details. Secondly, his physicality is also quite low (72 OVR) and again, given his height and the fact that he’s not great agility wise and his acceleration is quite low (83 OVR) he’s going to get knocked off the ball quite a lot. The Bundesliga POTM is back and it features one of the hottest young talents in Europe. For this price, there are just a couple of options, both at the very beginning of their one hour on the market. 43. Be realistic though, as price ranges means the days of finding a 100k player for 10k are long behind us. 43 comments. EA SPORTS are dishing out Player of the Month cards in FIFA 21, and the Bundesliga will share the spotlight. Given that you don’t get any packs with this SBC, it makes sense to plump for his FUT Birthday card if you are considering whether or not to do this SBC. Published: 17/Oct/2020 18:06 Internet will probably matter in this scenario, so if your console or PC is pretty slow, the web app might offer you more luck. Acquiring players just before they enter a Team of the Week is as reliable as ever, but picking up true bargains has become more difficult as price ranges seek to inhibit the coin buying/selling trade. La Liga and Turkish Super Lig Guaranteed TOTSSF SBCs, FIFA 20 Bundesliga Upgrade SBC: Requirements, solution, cost, FIFA 20 players baffled as Update 17 patch notes revealed, EA reveal how FIFA 21 FUT Champions affects Division Rivals, FIFA 21 Ones to Watch Team 2 live: OTW release time & players list. On top of this challenge, it appears that a number of other SBCs will be arriving in the game, including a Guaranteed Liga NOS TOTSSF SBC and an 83+ OVR Bundesliga player. A tweet posted by FUTWatch on May 20 has revealed that the SBC is coming, alongside a selection of others that may whet players’ appetites. The best, highest-potential players in FIFA 21. A lot of the time, searching below a player’s BIN price, you’ll be met with the message tell you there are no players available at that price. The returning award goes to Bayern Leverkusen’s highly rated young playmaker Kai Havertz. Upgrades SBCs were designed to let players reach the next level, submitting the players they don’t want and receiving others from higher qualities. Detailed analysis to the FIFA 20 Ligue 1 SBC: challenges requirements and rewards, release date, player pick group reward, prices and best solutions. We’ve gone for Raphinha of Leeds United. His shooting isn’t bad either! All Rights Reserved. ... especially given how unstable League SBC prices are. The community dislike of Ultimate Team price ranges still hasn’t died away completely but, as you’d expect, FIFA’s fan base has figured out how trading can still be performed in the market’s conditions. We know off the bat, then, that this is too high. In addition, this card is tradable and on the current market, is trading for just around 10k more. His passing is incredible, that 99 rated curve will come in very hand if you choose to play him as a wide CAM and swing balls into the box. Here's an alternative video from Vizeh if you fancy something different, otherwise we use Elyyt's solution again just below: FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC German Squad Solution: This one comes out at a more expensive 65,000 FUT Coins.

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