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So what is a sus chord? The list could keep going (pentatonic scales and patterns, chromaticism, substitutions, etc. UK & Europe: +44 808 196 2012 RH: 3, b13, R, #9. It is a flexible chord and scale dictionary with user libraries and a reverse mode. Call me crazy but this chord sounds good to my ears LH: 4 b7 b9. So A13sus, with its natural 4, is in fact an altogether different beast. Staff games help you to learn notes, note values, key signatures, and intervals/chords/scales. ‘I Fall in Love To Easily’ has a very short form at just 16 measures. They will add texture and sophistication to your playing. (Whew! The 4th is said to be suspended which is why it is called C7sus4. Or just replies to your comment? Excellent question, Richard. Many times, how you play over a sus chord is determined by where the chord is resolving to, or if it is resolving at all. The sus4 is so popular that musicians often just call it the sus chord. Very clear and useful :). Step-by-step lessons to master jazz theory, Learn the blues, jazz blues, funk, & gospel, Syllabuses to guide your learning journey, learn to play your favourite tunes & songs. Maiden Voyage The formula for a sus2 chord is R + 2HS + 5HS (root plus 2 half steps plus 5 half steps). I added a qualifier in paren’s after the first figure. Shown below, are two examples of an F7 sus chord voicing that includes the 3rd of the chord above the 4th: One thing to remember is that a sus chord is not a new type of chord on which you must find an entirely new vocabulary to use. I consider any voicing of a G9 a voicing of G7 as well—just that the descriptor G9 is more specific than G7. Theory: In these chords, the third (the second note in the chord) are being replaced with either a major second An interval consisting of two semitones or a perfect four An interval consisting of five semitones. Asus2 is sometimes written as A2. Many thanks for this post. You shouldn’t feel restricted when you hear a sus chord, rather, you should feel as though you have unlimited harmonic choices. Music player is not currently functioning The F#7susb9 is the second chord for the melody and solos: Chick begins his solo (5:15 in the video) on the F#7susb9 sound and plays a line that utilizes the phyrgian mode, yet he also includes the G natural, hinting at the harmonic minor sound as well: The next time the sus b9 chord appears (5:37 in the video), Chick becomes more harmonically daring. I know Harmony forwards and backwards and I still can’t figure it out. G sus chords for piano (sus4 and sus2) with keyboard diagram. Here are two examples of songs that contain a V7sus b9 chord: On this tune from Kind of Blue,  the five tonalities are C Maj.7, Ab7, Bb Maj.7, D7sus.b9, and G-7. Sus chords are particularly common in pop music.Sus is an abbreviation of ´suspension ´. Each suspended chord has two inversions. The recommendation is to start with the major and minor triads (meaning three-note chords), which are the most common chords. Finally a clear explanation, been looking for one on the theory behind it all and couldn’t for the life of me find any, couldn’t find any voicings either. That gives us a simple answer for how to improvise over a sus chord: We can see that, case by case, any scale choice for D7 is a great scale choice for G7sus: Observe also that the chord tones of D11 (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) are in fact the 5, 7, 9, 4, 13 and root of G13sus, respectively. I am grateful. Throughout the composition, he covers D7sus, F7sus, Eb7sus, and F#7sus (C#-13). “! This was excellent theory, exactly what I was looking for today. (G7sus: CMaj, G7), Major scale with flat 6th: Instead of using only diatonic material from the related I chord, include a b6 into the scale to incorporate chromaticism. A D7 sus chord (D7 dominant) has the same sound as a C/D chord (C major #11) and also as an A-7/D (A minor), the difference only lies in the naming of the chord and how you are approaching it mentally. I remember thinking to myself: “Ok, this is not a normal dominant chord, I have to figure out a new scale to play over this…and what is up with the the third of the chord, am I allowed to play it or not?”. Download theory supplements, midi files, chord changes and full note-for-note transcriptions of every lesson. Maiden Voyage If we take a C7 chord in our left hand and move the major 3rd up a half step we are now playing C7sus. US & Canada: +1 888 616 5371, © 2020 Copyright PianoGroove. This can often be very subtle but also very effective at enhancing a simple 251 cadence. The chord I spelled out is a voicing of a G7. Additionally, you can Download our Piano Companion FREE app which is used by millions of users worldwide and contains more than 10,000+ chords and scales. Instead of going straight from ii-7 to V7, use the V7sus chord as a 'temporary stepping stone'. However, you can also voice a … the second note in the chord) is flattened or raised one step. Regardless, not a G7. THAT SAID, the phryg. We can do this by playing a minor 7th chord off the 9th and playing root and b7 in our left hand. I have had people try many times and it just didnt sink in. https://antonjazz.com/2013/03/sus-chords/, UNDERSTANDING SUS CHORDS BY ANTON SCHWARTZ | Denis Wick Blog. I read a lot and study words. Thank you. The difference in this chord compared to a normal V7 sus lies in the voicing. I thoroughly appreciate your sharing. What happens from a theoretical aspect with the chord when you add sus to it is that the third note in the scale (i.e. But I can’t really hear the 4, 3 and 9 as coexisting in any agreeable or useful way. Any ideas? Well I like to look at a sus chord as a slight variation on the regular dominant chord. Don't subscribe As far as I know, the A note shouldn’t carry over from Dm7 to G7, unless it’s not a G7 but a G9. After studying and transcribing solos of some of my favorite players over tunes that include sus chords, I have come to realize that sus chords actually have a great number of harmonic possibilities, rather than a chord type that restricts what you can play. (G7sus: G7 bebop scale), Triadic approach: Pick two diatonic or non-diatonic triads that don’t have a shared pitch (no notes in common). I’ve read and studied thousands of pages of music because I was determined to break the code. (Bob mintzer’s “change of mind” at letter “B”). Nothing will make sus chords clearer than transcribing and internalizing what the masters are playing. This also seemed confusing to me at first, that is until I did some more research and determined that in Jazz the 9th is usually added to suspended chords (1 4 5 7 9) . Here, the D7susb9 chord acts as an unstable point, compared to the other chords, that builds tension and resolves into the G-7. Here are just a few harmonic options that are available, utilizing some of the language that you already have: Major scale, diatonic material: A V7 sus chord has the same function as a V7 chord, leading to the tonic, but because the third isn’t present, the chord has a more static sound. Good question, Danno. How to play A sus4 chord on piano. For those of you new to jazz, it’s a common practice to add upper chord tones to voicings, and to omit the fifth, for the sake of voice leading and overall sound.). So, when the bandleader says to play “a sus chord on beat 1,” that probably means to play a suspended fourth. The sus4 chord is much more common than the sus2 chord, so the ‘4’ is often dropped. A sus chord is midway between the ii and the V of a ii-V-I progression. A sus chords for piano (sus4 and sus2) with keyboard diagram. Study how Miles and Wayne deal with these sus chords: No one exploits the quartal voicing inherent within a sus chord better than McCoy Tyner. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Which is a type of G7 chord, sure, but still. Generally speaking, a Sus chord can be defined as a dominant chord where the major third is replaced by the perfect fourth a half step higher. This is a great place to use different lines and language that you’ve transcribed over various progressions in a new way. A D7 sus chord (D7 dominant) has the same sound as a C/D chord (C major #11) and also as an A-7/D (A minor), the difference only lies in the naming of the chord and how you are approaching it mentally. So it was easy for me to receive what you are giving and imparting. However, you took me somewhere else. That is to say, D 7 /G = G 7 sus. Of course, this isn’t the only ways to use sus chords, however is a popular method. It sounds like it would be the same as a G9Sus4 (aka G9sus) chord, which is functionally the same as all the G7sus chords I discuss here.

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