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Josie Davis plays Camille Desmond (recurring, season 10), David's final girlfriend before he realized his true feelings for Donna in Season 10. Though Jim has a strong sense of morality, he is very committed to his work and loyal to his employers—so much that he finds himself at odds with Brandon, who often defends causes important to him, even at the expense of his father's business interests. Jackie continued to make appearances throughout all 10 seasons of the show. Jean-Marc Rocher , Several years ago, in 2016 I think, I was grabbed by some nostalgia and I started to rewatch "Beverly Hills, 90210". David's unfaithful father Mel (Matthew Laurance) was shown in the middle of the series when he married and divorced Jackie Taylor, then lived with her again until Gina blew the whistle on Mel's unfaithfulness, causing Jackie to tell him they're finished for good. Michelle Phillips plays Abby Malone (recurring, season 7–9), who is Valerie's mother, from whom Valerie is estranged after her father dies. [citation needed]. Three sisters discover their destiny, to battle against the forces of evil, using their witchcraft. In Season 10, he married Janet and they had a child. The club did poorly under his management and he discovered he had a mild but dangerous form of depression that his mother suffered from, which he successfully dealt with via therapy and reducing his drinking. The gang buries a time capsule in Scott's memory at the episode's end. But gets thwarted by the gang's plans for the happy couple. Emma Caulfield portrayed Susan Keats (recurring, season 6), editor of the college paper (The CU Condor), self-proclaimed feminist, and love interest of Brandon in Season 6; was impregnated by ex-boyfriend Jonathan Caston, had an abortion, and later won an award for her article on the right to choose. While Brandon and the rest of his friends usually gave Valerie the benefit of the doubt, and ultimately remained friends with her (particularly when Valerie ceased her malicious ways or appeared to atone for them), she and Kelly remained constant enemies throughout the entire series, save for a few instances where both women were to be cordial with each other. He has cheated on Donna more than once and she lost her virginity to him in the season 7 finale, where the gang graduates from university. Valerie returns as a guest at Donna's bridal shower and wedding in the series finale and appears on good terms with everyone there. She stayed through a few middle seasons. At the carnival, Steve finds out that John is dating Steve's ex-girlfriend, Celeste Lundy. It was later revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had three months to live. Overprotective and controlling, she often tried to sabotage Donna's relationships with David, Ray, and Noah. Valerie later goes to the cops to turn herself in, and Abby finally forgives her, saying nothing that happened to her was her fault and Valerie can and must forgive herself too. However, that hit show was real, and the actors from it are playing versions of themselves here. Stuart Carson appeared in seven episodes. She also suffered from bulimia, and bonded with David Silver over his efforts to help her through her problems. She was in a long-term relationship with Noah Hunter, although it went south because of his drinking and her affair with Wayne. Afterwards, they sold the Beverly Beat and decided to start a new newspaper company. Some time later in Season 3, David and Donna help his younger sister Sue denounce her sexually abusive uncle. [15] Later she accepted his help in getting a job at the Peach Pit, and soon after realized he was a nice guy who was good with her son. Donna's father, Dr. John Martin, died of a stroke midway through the final season of the series. Following the stroke, the Martins' marriage deteriorates to the point where John asks for a separation from Felice, but he reconsiders after talking with Noah at Donna's request. The acting is quite solid and technically there are hardly any flaws. A Kansas family relocates to Beverly Hills, where their two children adapt to the infamous social drama of West Beverly Hills High. They began dating and all was well until midway through the season when Carly's father suffered a heart attack in her Montana hometown, and Carly decided she had to leave L.A. to be with him, and thus departed from the series for good. The show decided to take Scott's exit as a chance to address gun violence that was occurring in LA at the time. Andrea would later appear at Steve's birthday bash and the gang's high school reunion, where it is revealed she and Jesse are getting divorced. He and Kelly then reunited, but Matt was thrown at first by Kelly's one-night stand with Dylan (when they went to Mexico to illegally buy drugs that would have helped Matt's then-wife) and then by not knowing at first that Kelly was raped. Dr. Martin tried to bond with her and they were making progress, until he died of a stroke that everyone blamed Gina for. Was this review helpful to you? She is known for her high IQ and for being the somewhat-wild daughter of a wealthy diplomat and CU chancellor. Kelly became unexpectedly pregnant before having a miscarriage and told she may never carry a child to term. She planned to leave town with Dylan, before her strong words at the funeral led to her finally being accepted by Donna and Felice, and she was neither surprised nor very hurt when Dylan bailed on their travel plans. In the next episode, Law and Disorder, Noah finds her passed out on her living room floor. She gave birth to Nat's only child, a son named Frankie. Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV Series 1990–2000) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. She was shot during a drive-by shooting at LAX and suffered amnesia. Jill Novick plays Tracy Gaylian (recurring, season 7; guest, season 8), a news anchor for the TV station at CU. Tracy Gaylian appeared in 22 episodes. In an interview given shortly after her Best Actress Oscar win for Boys Don't Cry, Swank revealed that she had been fired from the show because the producers didn't think that Carly was connecting with the show's audience. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Created by Darren Star. It was later revealed that Gina had found new professional success after leaving L.A., working as a skating commentator. He and Gina, a new friend within the group, became romantically involved for a time. Toni Marchette appeared in eight episodes. Ray returned late in Season 6 when the video company Donna and David were working for assigned them to do his video; Donna was terrified of him, but soon met his new fiancée and learned he was in therapy to deal with his anger issues, and they parted on friendly terms. Erin is her half sister and David is her stepbrother. Gina and Dylan soon began a sexual relationship, but Dylan's attentions toward Kelly made Gina angry and bereft. Joey and Jim Walsh decide that the Peach Pit should be sold due to Nat's condition, but Brandon protests, knowing it would kill him. Jason Priestley portrays Brandon Andrew Walsh (main, season 1–9; archive footage, season 10), the moral center of the show and the glue that holds the gang together (and Priestley was the group's off-screen "quarterback"). However, John, an experienced heart surgeon and a more even-keeled individual than Felice, was generally more accepting of Donna's life choices and offered her his support. . Ziering did not appear in the new 90210 series; after the producers of the show publicly mocked his career doldrums and said that he was certain to beg them for a Steve Sanders cameo, Ziering responded with some anger that while he wished the new show well, he had no interest in making any cameos on it. Andrea accuses him of sexism when he decides Brandon should be editor-in-chief of the Blaze. After this, the IRS then confiscated all of his family's assets (including Noah's yacht, his parents house, cars, bank accounts and his father's entire life insurance policy) and leaving his widowed mother in destitute. This is why Scott was not included in the season 2 summer episodes. He was not close to his unhappy, workaholic father (Ray Wise), who revealed in the Season 9 premiere that the family-owned company, Hunter Oil & Chemical, was bankrupt resulting from Noah's father's many years of mismanagement and underpayment of federal and corporate income taxes.

Celtics Jersey Leak, King Duncan Sons, Warmth Of The Sun Wow, Shellback Tactical, Human Evolution From Fish,