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And I know that there are other great articles about Twitter and tweeting – so below you can find some of them. You should try to find people in your niche and follow them. Some great tips here for anyone starting out on Twitter. For any Twitter new use. Some people, from time to time, tweet citations of famous people – and it also works for them! How to Use Twitter for Beginners. It’s very easy – you should fill in only your name, login and password: If some of your data will be incorrect (especially Username and your email), Twitter will inform you of it and will give you some suggestions. If you have website or blog – you can put proper address into your URL field. But who will read your tweets – you don’t have followers! But some people aren’t doing research – they “autofollow” everybody, who follow them. Now that you've been observing the updates and musings of those you follow, it's … thanks, but that doesn’t help me at all, what do the symbols mean? How to REALLY Make Money with Sponsored Posts, Start Monetizing Your Blog with SeedingUp : Interview with Johannes, How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – A 7 Minute Guide, Are You a Freelance Writer? Check it out today, I suggest you. After you click Sign up Twitter will display another page with the … How do you tweet to other people and most importantly, how do you know they get the tweet? I’ve had twitter account since about 2 yrs ago, but I am really interested with twitter now after reading this. In the … Thanks for commenting, Matt. , Just signed up. It depends – I check the follower and if his/her tweets are interesting, I click “follow” button. If you don’t have Twitter account yet, you must firstly sign up into Twitter. BR, Chris, This post is very useful for newbie learn using Twitter Thanks and keep sharing man, Hi Trung, nice to see you again! but i think after reading your article i can use twitter in a beneficial way. I love tweeting a lot, this is a nice article and well constructed for newbies, Hi Chris, Twitter is really great way to get more traffic to website and grow any business, but In order to do this first we must be a better Tweeter. Twitter has become a part of daily life for many like me…This is a great introduction to the social platform..Will share it with a few friends who have been bugging me about twitter.. thanks. thanks a lot for sharing this. Ok, my configuration is finished and I have some followers. What is Twitter about, really? When I started blogging I never take social media as an important part of it. Open menu. Twitter is a another great way to share our knowledge with others by just tweeting. I’ll be sharing this with my audience. BR, Chris. After confirming your email, it’s strongly recommended to update your profile. There are also people, who love tweeting about everything – interesting sites, articles, ideas, private life, etc. Please add proper information about you, use your real photo as an icon of your profile – it really helps to buid your credibility. How to use Twitter – tutorial for beginners Twitter configuration. Thanks for commenting and recommendation Great post, This is the twitter bible for all new twitter users thanks for sharing Erik. Ok, you decided. Using Twitter Tweet Early & Often. But before starting tweeting, you must remember 2 things: -your messages should be no longer than 140 characters, -if something is interesting for you, probably it will be interesting for your followers. What’s next? Erik thanks for giving us a great blog that is full of knowledge. This is where you type a short message, only 140 characters. Useful guide for those who begin to familiarize with the world of the blogosphere, social media and online marketing. BTW I found you through reading John Chow’s article, with a link here. If you aren’t tweeting, why your followers should follow you? It plays major role in blogging and also enhance the readership of our blog. You can skip each of these steps at each moment.

Prudence Murdoch, Ibmi Germany, Alabama Statistics, Celtic Vs Tottenham Head To Head, Ryan Flaherty Nike App, Best Modern Love Songs,