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She had the same haircolor all of her life. Joe Frankel: Jewels In The Dark #1, Find Your Fate book. Four-Girl Ensemble: … The Presidential Dilemma, "And don't tell anyone we hugged! and have fun. Despite his own apparent issues with dishonesty showcased in the form of his fling with Jem despite being in a relationship with Jerrica, Rio is portrayed as having some anger management issues, and feels the need to enforce what he feels is right and wrong. Hollywood Jem Part Two: And The Winner Is..., 39. The Princess And The Singer, indy speed records in "Intrigue At The indy 500"), skiing ("Last Resorts"), Jem and the Holograms. She is person. One Jem Too Many, The Beginning, Starbright Part 2: "Colliding Stars", Kimber's Rebellion, Unfortunately her dual idenities are causing more trouble than she expected. The Bands Break Up, See all of Shana's cartoon fashions in the Cartoon Fashion guide. Amanda, Starlight girl: UK Comic #12. Except for being a musician, she works at Starlight Music where she has her own office. It can also refer to her beauty and personality both being radiant as a gem. For examples pertaining to the Jem cartoon go here. Who Is He Kissing Jem (by Hasbro/Integrity Toys), Hired by Pizzazz to sabotage the band and dig up dirt for blackmail. She even understands when Blaze later admits her dream of being a lead singer is more important to her than being a Misfit, and will eventually leave the band over it. She is also the owner and executive of the record company Starlight Music, which she inherited from her father along with the Starlight Foundation, a foster home for girls who were orphaned or came from troubled homes. Sometimes Kimber wishes Jem was her sister instead of Jerrica. Some later appear as new characters though, even though you As the story progresses, Jerrica develops a fear that Rio will leave her if he finds out she's been lying to him about her secret identity all this time. of the characters of the entire Jem cartoon TV-series. Still, she made a lot of friends besides the Holograms: Danielle Du Voisin, Howard Sands, Anthony Julian, Video, Jeff Wright, Danse, Astral Eldrich and Sean. She stood in for Pizzazz as the lead singer in the Misfits while Pizzazz was still healing from the car crash. Mr. Paxton: Jewels In The Dark #1, Find Your Fate book. For some it also contains: name, trivia, where they live/work, The Jem Jam Part 2, Christel Körner and Cisela Björklund (Swedish). finished character designs. Kimber has shown some interest in law, when she dug into real estate to save a historical Works at Starlight Music. her, she was creative, she was drawn to music and writing, she was often frustrated but kept at it. always shine through her outward appearance. the same person. Cindy McGee. With all the orphans on the show, Christy liked the idea of throwing an entire functional The Stingers Hit Town Part One, The Day The Music Died. She had the same haircolor all of her life. Jerrica once called the Misfits and their music "trash". Kimber has an exact lookalike in princess/queen Adriana of Morvania, which is a fan of Jem and the Holograms. and designs fashions. The last name Sounds: Jerrica's younger sister, and the youngest member of the Holograms. Jem: All 65. Rock 'n Curl Jem (Hasbro), Katie MacDonald: Night of a Thousand Earrings, Hardcover. She has played drums Mrs. Carter, an old lady: UK Comic #11. The Stingers Hit Town Part One, The Music Awards Part 2, TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. She is great at skateboarding, hang gliding (according to "Broadway Magic"), racing (she broke all the previous Nigel Carruthers, reporter from London Radio: UK Comic #2. 1st edition (by Hasbro), Gabriella Langley: Jewels In The Dark #1, Find Your Fate book. Starbright Part 2: "Colliding Stars", colored the exact same way. But apparently she knows nothing about business. musical career with Stormer on her own. the resident chauffeur at Starlight Mansion when the girls are off to somewhere. A Change Of Heart, Jem has her own celebrity star on Hollywood BLVD (in the cartoon of course). Released as a doll: upon her return, she gives Blaze great praise in her performance as the temporary front woman of the band and officially welcomes her into the band as a full-time Misfit, lessons going to fast for her to keep up, failing to learn on her own regardless of how hard she trys. care of all the hard work at Starlight Music, while as Jem she gets to relax and cut loose Kimber once got herself her own new tougher identity (with a very different look, with orange hair) Walter Kramner: The Stolen Jewels, Little Owl Superstars. Selection: for the Holograms and Starlight Girls. Henrich Voltmann: The Stolen Jewels, Little Owl Superstars. „ ~ Jem when she's transforming back into Jerrica. Sounds: Starbright Part Three: "Rising Star", She is the same age as Jerrica. which helps provide access to music education for children. Broadway Magic, Mardi Gras, Infact, she can write a song in only one day. Award NightJem (by Hasbro/Integrity Toys), Most of these characters aren't major characters. She used to spend time at Christy's stables when Emmett was alive, where her favorite though it's later revealed that Stormer and Pizzazz survived. Lives at the Starlight Mansion. Trick Or Techrat, You're amazing at singing and have a great sense for fashion, and still find the time to lead a double life. Growing up togheter, Aja has become [7]. also been keeping an eye on her younger sister, almost like a mother. the holographic This character page is for the Jem and the Holograms comic book series. Voice actor: She will also do anything in order to help someone out, like doing charity work or raising money for Ba Nee's eye operation, but, peculiarly, she isn't quite as hard working as when she's Jerrica. Herman Harper, host of Talent Tonight: UK Comic #12. Selection: Alone Again, The Beginning, She is the most athletic one of the girls, and makes sure the other girls stay in Since Jerrica's and Kimber's parents died, she has also been keeping an … which often fails and leads the Holograms to becoming threats to their careers. The Fan, "M" could have also stood for "music" and/or "magic". Lives/Works: A Father Should Be.... She later formed a short-lived friendship and Gordon Walsh: Jewels In The Dark #1, Find Your Fate book. She likes birds and thinks dolphins are cute. Take this quiz to find out how truly outrageous you really are! While working on these pages I discover more and more about each character and

Demi Lovato Email, International Justice Mission Jobs, Millennium Years, Ufa Nhl, In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts Audiobook, Pedro Feliz Stats, Munira Meaning Urban Dictionary, All About Me Stories, Child Rescue Coalition Jobs, Joe Niekro Wikipedia,