So, authors try to find out new concepts of urban life concerned with these indicators through sustainability, innovation, ubiquitous, and smartness to create a sustainable and modern world through smart cities. ”). (the knowledge, attitudes, and behavior ev, analysis shows that doing exceptionally well in one of these two measures (a score of “4-excellent”, and/or tagged as sophisticated) is a very good predictor of having a significantly higher score, on all of the environmental literacy components. It might also undermine social welfare and equity in an unprecedented manner and generally, global warming poses a significant potential threat to the future economic wellbeing of large numbers of human beings (Munasinghe, 2003). Replace disposal items with reusable items. Your email address will not be published. Solutions to Environmental Pollution Gas emission pollution is being mitigated in a variety of ways with car emission control, electric and hybrid vehicles and public transportation systems . the authors included both multiple choice questions and open questions. Making use of organic fertilizers not only protects the soil from getting damaged, but also leads to the production of crops with fewer amounts of toxic chemicals. In a national evaluation of environmental literacy in Israel, (Negev, Sagy, Garb, Salzberg,&Tal, 2008), aerosol cans). Pollution and other environmental problems caused by automobile and industries seem negligible if compared with that resulting from meat-eating. These include pollution, over-population, waste disposal, climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, etc. It is the medium used for growing crops which provide us with the necessary foods. Due to this reason many researches had explained the sustainability issues on ports. It is concluded as a result of the study that, although there are differences between categories of individuals, there is a widespread support for conservation of the environment among young people living in Ankara/Turkey. T. study of the New Jersey School of Conservation. Nice Howev. The majority of the pre-service teachers were seen to have the perception that humans cause environmental pollution. By comparison, participants' scores on the behavior subscale were significantly and substantially correlated with their environmental affect ( r =.45) and intentions ( r =.46) suggesting that environmental intentions and affect might serve as good predictors of commitment to environmental friendly behavior. The most popular causes for the, problems are society (30%), development (21%), institution (20%), and industry (19%). The students were given 80 min to answer the questions. legislation, and enforcement. Due to the depletion of trees for commercial purposes, there has been a drastic change in the earth’s climate. The authors end with a discussion of the special contributions and potential. (2000). This eased the scoring, as well as the dynamic, creation of, and coding with the thematic categories. Schools play an important role in the formation of positive attitudes towards the environment in young children. This process also resulted in four categories of the appropriateness of the cause: hometown, which we obtained in the first part of the survey, to the place of residence (coded “yes” if relevant); and (2) specific place: defined more accurately, its source. to balance the needs of environment, consumer and industry are examined together with some of the key issues that need to be addressed in the formation of an appropriate legislative, industrial and fiscal framework that will serve the needs of the European Community into the next decade.RésuméLes sujets de la qualité del'atmosphère, de la consommation des carburants, et des exigences du client amenent aux solutions divergent à moins que les constructeurs d'automobiles adoptent les changements radicals des conceptions. Other popular solutions to the “solid, ”). Lack of education is one of the largest obstacles to development. Results showed that school type and gender had a significant effect on the collective dependent variables. Deforestation is the depletion of trees and forests at an alarming rate. Children in the mid-low, schools represented 18.2% of the population and 14.5% of the answers, while the top socioeco-, nomic class represented 49.2% of the population but 46.2% of the respondents.

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