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In your view, is her dark matter-of-factness more Unless otherwise stated, this discussion guide is reprinted with the permission of Bantam Books. ", I dropped my spoon with a clatter. We became familiar with Harriet, the mother of this dysfunction, through the observations and yearnings of Flavia, who searched unceasingly to find remnants of the past to give meaning to her present and future. murder)? Atom of the novel in a lasting way? If he'd had a hat, he would have been twisting it. Please, please, Mr. Bradley, tell me we'll be seeing Flavia again soon? Discuss the meaning (or meanings) of the title. Would Flavia want it to? The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie Author: Alan Bradley # of Pages: 374 Year Published: 2009 Publisher: Delacorte Press Genre: Young Adult Mystery. her sisters, in order to pursue her own interests (like solving the ", I adjusted the flame on a spirit lamp that was heating a beaker of red liquid. Thank heavens they had taken the key away with them. With my hands free at last, I made short work of the gag. protagonist? ― Alan Bradley, quote from The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie “I visualized myself pulling on my mental thinking cap, jamming it down around my ears as I had taught myself to do. A new novel from the NY Times bestselling author of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Author Bio, First Published: Full access is for members only. But first, to be sure they were not lying in wait for me, I squatted and peered out through the keyhole at the attic. ). It was all Ophelia's fault. Ophelia was not, as I was, a long-range planner who believed in letting the soup of revenge simmer to perfection. It is forbidden to copy anything for publication elsewhere without written permission from the copyright holder. "I'm not the keeper of your trinkets. Visitors can view some of BookBrowse for free. Now for the door. For Flavia, who is both appalled and delighted, life begins in earnest when murder comes to Buckshaw. Read 16,203 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The character, according to Bradley. Beyond the Book |  I don't believe I did; it ran far deeper than that. Readalikes |  Bella Lulu Ink. Alan Bradley had been to England, just not raised there, I believe. I tried hooking my fingernails under the silk scarf that bound my hands behind me, but since I always bit them to the quick, there was nothing to catch. Chapter 1 Summary. "—Laurie R. King, author of … Apr 2009, 384 pages Discuss how Bradley uses the traditions of the genre, and how he plays with them too. Alan Bradley was born in Toronto and grew up in Cobourg, Ontario. I skipped down the broad stone staircase into the hall, pausing at the door of the dining room just long enough to toss my pigtails back over my shoulders and into their regulation position. Flavia reminds us often about Harriet, the mother she never knew, I leapt up from the table and fled the room in tears. “I wish I could say I was afraid, but I wasn’t. Spam Free: Your email is never shared with anyone; opt out any time. Reading Guide |  Though fantastical at times, we found the book well-written, amusing and entertaining with an. *No orange stamps created from the Penny Blacks. How? What utter morons they were. Genres & Themes |  It was a tall, conical wizard's model, covered with chemical equations and formulae: a cornucopia of ideas.” ― Alan Bradley, quote from The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie “Chicken fizz! "That's not true. Their combined ages totalled thirty years. with its overlarge wings, hidden laboratory, and pinched front gates. The climax of the story also details this, "Dogger stood in front of me, his hands hanging down at his sides. Think as well about how appearances aren't Flavia notes while in the pit, that the only one who would care if she was gone would be Dogger. Ophelia was the only one of Harriet's daughters who referred to her as "Mummy": the only one of us old enough to have any real memories of the flesh-and-blood woman who had carried us in her body, a fact of which Ophelia never tired of reminding us. Buckshaw, the estate, is almost a character in its own right here, A thoroughly entertaining romp of a novel, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie is inventive and quick-witted, with tongue-in-cheek humour that transcends the macabre seriousness of its subject. does she? And it simply screamed out for revenge. ", "A green Gladstone bag," Ophelia said. Flavia's distance from her father, the Colonel, is obvious, yet she and has many keepsakes that help her imagine what she was like. and seems to be thrown off kilter when surprises occur. It was true. There was no one in sight; save for its perpetual tangle of shadows, junk, and sad bric-a-brac, the long attic was empty. Author her compare to her chemistry lab and books? Through Flavia's eyes what sort of a picture does Alan Bradley paint Article "She picked you out at the Home for Unwed Mothers because of the striking resemblance," Ophelia said, making a distasteful face. "If you're insinuating that my personal hygiene is not up to the same high standard as yours you can go suck my galoshes. Like any scientist. The coast was clear. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie falls within the tradition of English country house mysteries, but with the devilishly intelligent Flavia racing around Bishop's Lacey on her bike instead of the expected older woman ferreting out the truth by chatting with her fellow villagers. I was nothing if not quick on the uptake. Search String: Summary |  refreshing or disturbing? The uniqueness to Flavia's character had purpose in incorporating endless possibility as well as an intense curious energy. Click here to learn more about our book club or to get in touch. Good Job! We're a modern book club located in SLC. ", Ophelia's face went white. What does Flavia care about most in life? This witty and sometimes vicious jocularity between sisters was described by one of Flavia's discoveries that "a substance tends to be dissolved by solvents that are chemically similar to it". I knew that whenever I did this, Ophelia had the horrid impression that she was in the presence of some mad black-and-white German scientist in a film at the Gaumont. Discuss Flavia and her personality, and how her character The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie book. Retribution was not long in coming, but then with Ophelia, it never was. But this time he was too preoccupied to notice.

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