Something that's missing in The Trespasser. #bookblogger, teacher, father | he / him | I pull up at the top of Viking Gardens. Stoneybatter is getting its Sunday morning under-way: runners pounding along the footpaths, pissed-off teenagers dragging dogs and brooding over the unfairness of it all, a girl in clubbing gear wandering home with goosebumps on her legs and her shoes in her hand. “No other names,” he says to me. You don’t have a problem with that?”, Steve shrugs. Without any doubts, the author is a talented writer. If you're a seller, Fulfilment by Amazon can help you grow your business. Everything is about her and her being a woman in a male dominated field. “The day shift’ll be in any minute.”, “And you’re in now. Moments like these, and the gorgeous sensual and synaesthetic language throughout – examples such as “We watch the moment when something spired and shining explodes with a tremendous roar inside his mind, jagged shards rocketing everywhere, burrowing deep into every tender spot.” – marks this out as a Dublin Murder Squad novel, as clearly as a fingerprint or DNA. “At least on domestics, you get the odd witness who’ll talk. “So how come the uniforms think it’s a domestic? For themselves, too. I don't want to give away anything, but I strongly recommend this book, as well as Ms. French's early ones (for those lucky enough to have yet to enjoy this pleasure). That gets to people. But he and Conway disappear a long way into that rabbit hole with never a shred of evidence to back it up, creating conspiracy and organised crime affiliations like a conjurer out of thin air. If we just wanted a mental image of the vic, to keep us reminded who we’re working for, any phone selfie would do a better job. Me and Steve, we get to rubberneck at the cunning psychopaths when the other lads walk them past the interview room where we’re bashing our heads against yet another Spouse of the Year from our never-ending run of domestics, which the gaffer throws our way because he knows they piss me right off. And if we are looking for slight criticisms, I found the parallels between Conway’s private life and Aisling’s were a little too obvious and a little too convenient in terms of the plot development. “Fair enough. “Closed how? It would be quicker to take my car or Steve’s, but you don’t do that, ever. The story is well crafted but I found it too lengthy and the descriptions way too long. Less obvious.”. Before we get out of the car, I ring his voice mail—which may or may not buy us a few extra minutes, but at least it saves me making chitchat—and leave a message. “Hate that. And it’s amazing how vivid Antoinette Conway and Stephen Moran have remained: the main characters in The Secret Place which I read four years ago – four years – and yet they have remained ridiculously alive and complex and convincing. On the latch, only.”, Meaning if the killer left this way, he just pulled the door closed behind him; he didn’t need a key. At that hour, if I could overlook all the ways the night shift blows, I could love the squad room. Husband, partner?” Steve scans again. It is written from the point of view of Antoinette Conway. The pretty photography books on the coffee table are still nicely lined up; so are the pretty glass whatsits and the vase of purple flowers on the mantelpiece. But, it has been three years since this came out. Steve says, “A punch hard enough to crack her teeth, it’s got to have banged up his knuckles. A cluster of kids hanging about by the tape scatter when they see us coming (“Ahhh!

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