][0:33] ([? Knock out his brains, it look like spaghetti Big man on the block, ask Drew Gooden (Ayy) Nah Nah Nah Lyrics Kanye West | 2020 Song, Snowflower Lyrics Puma Blue | In Praise of Shadows, Pretending Lyrics Orla Gartland | 2020 Song. Cut off some niggas, they say that I’m fake (Cut off) Bitch, you seen me leave niggas gushy (C’mon) ][1:25] ([? No biggie with the choppa, get to boppin’ like Diddy (Brrt, brrt) Apart from his passion for writing and playing games he's exploring new places around the globe. I ain’t test hoes, but you know I’m pursuin’ ’em Ayy Who TF Up in My Trap Lyrics NLE Choppa | Top Shotta, Shotta Flow 4 ft. Chief Keef Lyrics NLE Choppa. “Shotta Flow 4”, featuring Chief Keef, was released on NLE Choppa’s debut album Top Shotta, on August 7, 2020. Big Drac’ when I slide in a motherfucka (Slide in a motherfucka) Say “I’m not killer,” you niggas be foolin’ Twenty K on his head, you still ain’t do it We keep them Glocks, and, bitch, we tuckin’ semis, So these are the complete lyrics of this beautiful song ​​Shotta Flow 4 Lyrics. ])In the stolo ridin’, now we ride in the Lambos (In Lambos)If I give you my problems, I bet you can’t handle (Ayy)My n*****, they trap out the vacant, apartments and bandosBand man, gang, drum on the choppa, commando (Commando)Choppa go on repeat, on repeat just like soprano (Brrt, brrt, soprano)Think that you steppin’ to me (Ayy), I’ll leave you where you stand, ho (Ayy)Slide on that boy, yeah, we ride in the night (Ayy)I don’t care the circumstance he dyin’ tonight (Tonight)Left my phone at the crib, I’m doin’ it right (Doin’ it right)My n**** on the drill, my Glock on the right (Grrt)Step one, step two, hop out on feet (Hop out)Why the f*** is he runnin’? One shot, niggas must think I’m pussy (What?) Shoot him in the hip if he turn into a runner (Ayy) Take a look in my eyes, I’m the reaper (You a bitch) Put the beam on my Glock for more accuracy Get put on a shirt in this motherfucka Walk down in my ski mask and a hoodie (Ayy) You get shot in the mouth if you grinnin’ Bitch, it’s too deep, don’t get in this water (Bitch) Left my phone at the crib, I’m doin’ it right (Doin’ it right) (Sos’, baby), [Verse 2: Chief Keef]You know I be smoking that Tooky-Took (Smoking that Tooky-Took)She told me I taste like some Juicy Fruit (Taste like some Juicy Fruit)She ate me like gum in that coupey-coupe (In that coupey-coupe)Shoot up his ride, call JiffyLubeThe Glock said, “Ask that boy is he cool?” (Is he cool? I want the smoke like a motherfuckin’ chimney (A chimney) Hollow tips in this Glock, this shit is not BB’s This song is form Top Shotta album. Had to run this shit up, make a K in a day (K in a day) This is a new song which is sang by famous singer ​NLE Choppa. [Intro] / Nle, Top Shotta, got the bombs like Al-Qaeda / Nle, Top Shotta, got This Song will release on 24 July 2020. I’ma call this bitch the “Top Shotta Flow” right here Bitch shaking heads, what the fuck is you doin’? If you want to read all latest song lyrics, please stay connected with us. So without wasting time lets jump on to Shotta Flow 4 Song lyrics. Read or print original Top Shotta Flow lyrics 2020 updated! Catch him on the e-way , I’ma flip the whole Honda (Ayy) Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely lyrics, BENNY THE BUTCHER - One Way Flight lyrics. Step one, step two, hop out on feet (Hop out) Description:- Shotta Flow 4 Lyrics NLE Choppa are Provided in this article.This is a new song which is sang by famous singer NLE Choppa.This song is form Top Shotta album.This Song will release on 24 July 2020. (What you doin’?) Bitch, I’m rasta, for real, Jamaica, it be my stompin’, [Outro] I was only 15 with a felony (Yeah, yeah) Thank You, Your email address will not be published. Aaron writes guides and news related to the games at TheWestNews.com. )Bustin’ down his block like an inner tube (Inner tube)Urus, I might just paint that bitch blue (Bitch blue, blue)He said that I know him, who is you?

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