#CapturedCourts, — Amy Klobuchar (@amyklobuchar) May 27, 2020, Beyond Republicans’ apparent “judicial capture,” the report also foreshadows future Democratic efforts to “shed light on the corruption and conflicts of interest now spreading around the Trump judiciary” and pans what it says was more than $250 million in dark money raised and spent by “a complex network of think tanks, law school centers, policy front groups, political campaign arms, and public relations shops, all focused on shaping the composition of the courts and the rulings they make.”. “Senators [Charles] Grassley, [R-Iowa], and [Lindsey] Graham [R-S.C.], have been absolutely right to proceed with hearings for highly qualified nominees where the White House attempted to consult with home-state senators who have been nothing but obstructionist,” she said. If you have to wear a mask, you may as well make a statement... Republicans Troll Democrats With Hilarious New Masks. Brasher’s confirmation vote Tuesday afternoon, which is nearly certain to pass, will immediately be followed by a batch of cloture votes on four district court nominees, setting them up to likely be confirmed later this week. Of course, the dark money accusations cut both ways — Demand Justice is a dark money group just the same as the network of conservative organizations the Democrats’ report decries. Bush’s last year. Follow @KETK !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? Type above and press Enter to search. Also a former white-collar criminal defense lawyer and civil litigator, Brasher received a unanimous “Well-Qualified” rating from the American Bar Association for his nomination to the 11th Circuit. On the blue slips, Carrie Severino, the president of the conservative Judicial Crisis Network, blamed Democrats for the practice’s demise. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., did away with the filibuster for lower-court nominees during the Obama administration, against warnings from McConnell at the time. “The candidacy of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. for president and the Joseph R. Biden, Jr. senatorial papers were never addressed in a meeting of the full board of trustees,” Becnel-Guzzo’s response read. Serendeputy is a newsfeed engine for the open web, creating your newsfeed from tweeters, topics and sites you follow. Citing unnamed senior IRS officials, the Post reported that the Treasury Department is ordering the president’s name be printed on the checks in a decision that was made Monday. But Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine has said that the immense size of the show, whether outdoors and socially distanced or not, puts the state at risk for a bump in coronavirus cases, potentially putting lives in danger, and must be stopped by a court order. Follow @KETK !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? In 2016, President @realDonaldTrump won an upset victory over @HillaryClinton, in big part over a judicial fight. Progressive groups, which have opposed many Trump nominees, cried foul over the move. Racism must end. Sources confirmed to Fox News that Trump’s name will appear on paper checks — in the memo section — though his signature is not expected to be included. “McConnell is staying the course on shielding the president’s actions from checks and balances and stacking the courts with nominees who have records of hostility to civil and human rights, particularly voting rights.”, Looks like Cocaine Mitch turned the Senate’s judicial conveyor belt back on. The 38-year-old Brasher would be Trump’s 51st judge confirmed to the appeals courts and 188th overall, according to a Heritage Foundation count. The Politico report Laxalt referenced focuses on donations from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which the report said is closely tied with Arabella Advisors. But instead of bringing these up for votes, he’s focused on advancing his judicial nominees. He has the president’s ear, helped craft the president’s Supreme Court shortlist with former White House Counsel Don McGahn, and according to the Democrats’ report, 86 percent of Trump’s nominees to federal appeals courts have been Federalist Society members. Fox Business Network’s Blake Burman contributed to this report. Judge Brasher’s record and lack of candor during his confirmation hearing show that he is unfit for this appellate judgeship in the Eleventh Circuit, and I will be voting no.”. If there was ever any such complaint, the record will be there.”. Even if the order is valid, the department has erred in its application to outside events such as ours, or has acted arbitrarily in seeking to enforce the order against us, while permitting other entertainment venues to open.”, Happening Now: Spring Carlisle is underway at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Source: Fox News: Trump’s name to appear on coronavirus stimulus checks sent to Americans. pic.twitter.com/jhpcnPGxkP, — JERRY DUNLEAVY (@JerryDunleavy) February 5, 2020. New iOS14 causing issues for iPhone users, Google Maps rolls out COVID-19 tracking feature, Trump says new TikTok headquarters could land in Texas, but questions about the deal remain, Pulaski Academy defeats Tyler Legacy 50-25, Tyler private school shuts its doors; parents and former employees claim months of mistreatment, Tyler Legacy faces defeat against outsider Pulaski Bruins of Little Rock, Arkansas, Travion Ates: CHRISTUS Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Athlete of the Week, KETK GIVES BACK: UT Health East Texas Air 1, Stream LIVE games on FOX from home or on the go. “Using the same assumptions for a projected 1918-like pandemic, produces a projected shortfall of between 2,036 and 9,454 ventilators,” the report continues. Community Calendar. Record avalanche of early votes transforms the 2020 election, Judge Christi Kennedy casts final ballot as 114th District Court Judge, Court stops Abbott’s order to limit absentee ballot drop-off locations, More than 11,500 people cast their vote for the past 2 days in Smith County, 91-year-old Texas man votes for 1st time ever in a presidential election, Lindale overcomes the Hornets in Athens 35-16, Young Audiences, Arts for Learning of Northeast Texas: Arts 4 All Kids Campaign, Better Business Bureau: Election fundraising scams, East Texas Crisis Center: Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Texas woman confesses to cutting baby from mother’s body, faking pregnancy, according to affidavit, Families struggle to pay bills during coronavirus pandemic, Man accused of setting puppy on fire arrested, Renew Aesthetics: Unmask Beautiful Skin Sweepstakes, Sloan Firm: What Matters to You Matters to Us, Job Alert: Registered Behavior Technician at Methodist Readiness School, Job Alert: Merchandiser/Fixture Installer for Retail Pro Staffing, Job Alert: Property Manager for Park at Shiloh, Goodwill Industries in East Texas receives an over $483K federal grant to help women receive jobs, Masks, taxes and Kanye: A look at the not-real news of the week, How popular is your Halloween costume this year? The sprawling event expects to see about 100,000 attendees over four days. It added: “Carlisle Events has worked tirelessly to put on this event in a socially responsible manner and will continue to do so. “Instead of passing legislation to help the American people, Mitch McConnell has chosen to bury those bills in his legislative graveyard,” the report’s executive summary reads. But the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) sued Carlisle Events, the organization putting on “one of the largest automotive flea markets in the world and one of the best opportunities to get your hands on all things automotive,” early Wednesday morning. The university initially said it expected to make the records “available to the public two years after Biden’s last day in elected public office.” In April 2019, just hours before Biden announced his current presidential bid, the university changed its timeline, and said the papers wouldn’t be released until either Dec. 31, 2019, or until two years after Biden “retires from public life,” whichever comes later. “No. Reade, who previously had accused Biden of inappropriate contact, now says Biden cornered her and penetrated her with his fingers in 1993. Press Esc to cancel. McConnell’s redoubled effort to shepherd one young conservative judge after another into lifetime appointments is sure to please conservatives like Carrie Severino, the president of the Judicial Crisis Network. Guess Who’s Playing a Part In Keeping Biden’s Sneaky Secret? Thanks to GOP court packing—voters have to wait in line for hours to vote—our democracy's overrun by corporate interests—communities can't act to prevent gun violence—health care access is under attackMore from @SenSchumer @senstabenow & @SenWhitehouse on our #CapturedCourts https://t.co/SwsxKoCYPW, — Demand Justice (@WeDemandJustice) May 27, 2020. “A conservative-to-moderate estimate assumes that 25 percent of admitted patients requiring ICU care (with 50 percent of those receiving ICU care requiring ventilation)” would cause the city to fall somewhere between about 250 and 1,300 ventilators short of what it would need, according to the 2006 report obtained by ProPublica. One official told Fox News that the checks “are scheduled to go out on time and exactly as planned—there is absolutely no delay whatsoever. “There is only one place a complaint of this kind could be — the National Archives,” Biden said in a written statement early this month before he appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to personally address Reade’s allegation for the first time. The Governor sent a clear message about the ability to ignore his orders and safety precautions when he marched through the streets of Harrisburg. They said Brasher has a history of fighting against voting rights, gay rights, women’s health care and environmental protection. “His judicial temperament and vast legal experience make him well-suited to assume this new role.”. In addition to the denials from himself, his campaign and his former staffers, Biden has also received general support from Democrats as a whole. https://t.co/LlmPCHjz7Q pic.twitter.com/6YJT2DvCW7, — NBC10 Philadelphia (@NBCPhiladelphia) June 6, 2020. Brasher also doesn’t have what’s called a “blue slip,” from Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., the traditional name for approval from a judge’s home-state senators. “He cared more about getting his name on the check than about your need for it. De Blasio’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News. Black lives matter. The decision to have Trump’s name on the checks comes as the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has become highly politicized, with Democrats panning Trump’s often long-winded daily coronavirus briefings and Trump returning fire by criticizing Democratic governors and members of Congress for their responses to the crisis. Biden, his campaign and other former staffers for Biden have denied the allegation and said it could not have happened in that Senate office’s culture – while also maintaining, in response to inquiries about his senatorial records, that personnel files would not be housed at the university. But Wednesday night, Carlisle Events announced its intention to continue with Spring Carlisle and defend itself against the lawsuit, which now has a hearing scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday. Senate Democrats released a 50-plus page report Wednesday sounding alarm bells over the rate at which Senate Republicans and President Trump have confirmed federal judges during the president’s first term as Republicans are working on shepherding along even more lifetime-appointed federal judges.

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