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Saber Tooth Tiger Facts for Kids. Perhaps it’s time to dig out some of the most interesting and amazing saber tooth tiger facts. Saber Tooth Tiger Facts Roaming the grasslands of the earth over ten thousand years ago were fearsome predators known as Saber Tooth Tigers. This prehistoric animal is only distantly related to modern lions, cheetahs and tigers. Instead it stalked its prey from behind the bushes to attack and knock its prey using strong neck muscles. Saber-toothed tigers were probably social animals. Smilodon is a genus of the extinct machairodont subfamily of the felids.It is one of the most famous prehistoric mammals and the best known saber-toothed cat.Although commonly known as the saber-toothed tiger, it was not closely related to the tiger or other modern cats. What exactly is a saber-toothed tiger? It is not even closely related to the modern day cats such as lion, leopards, cheetah and tigers. It was as big twice as a tiger and weighed from 70 to 450 kg (up to 900lb) (depending on the subspecies), short tail as lynx, and their canines were long 15-20 centimeters. The Saber Tooth Tiger, Smilodon, refers to the extinct predatory mammal known for its distinctive pair of long, razor sharp canine teeth, in the family Felidae.One of the most iconic prehistoric animals, the Saber Tooth Tiger existed during the last ice age – 12,000 years ago. notice.style.display = "block"; With their incredibly long sharp canine teeth, muscular build, and sharp paws they were extremely dangerous animals. Please reload the CAPTCHA. We aren’t sure how smart they were, but their brains weren’t very big. The “saber” teeth may have been up to 11 inches long and were likely used to deliver a killing blow after they latched on with their powerful arms. Saber-toothed tigers had almost comically capacious bites: these felines could open their jaws to a snake-worthy angle of 120 degrees, or about twice as wide as a modern lion (or a yawning house cat). Saber-toothed tiger used canine teeth to kill its prey by slicing the jugular vein and windpipe. How to Make Custom Footer Area Via Page Builder. Scientists are just not sure if saber-toothed tigers were social. }, Win 100% Cashback Every Hour on Delhi Metro Card Recharge, Saber Tooth Tiger Extinction – Extinction Facts, Date, Year, Causes, What Does a Saber Tooth Tiger Look Like? Did saber-toothed tigers live in packs – yes, they probably lived in packs seven How to add Mailchimp email form to post or page.  −  This species is not the ancestor of today’s tiger or any other cats. Saber tooth tiger has the word tiger in its name but it was not a tiger. Making this worse, the modern-day big cats aren’t really helpful as analogs. T he saber tooth tiger or Smilodon refers to the prehistoric big cat that had existed during the last ice age some 12,000 years ago. 2020 Wpsoul.com Design. Perhaps you are ready for the most amazing saber tooth tiger facts for kids. function() { Despite their common name, they aren’t directly related to modern tigers at all and come from a subset of the cat family which is now completely extinct. They hunted big herbivores like camels and the American bison, and their name comes from the big scary teeth, like gigantic vampire fangs. Saber Tooth Tigers belong to a rare family of mammals. While it had two big seemingly strong canines which could reach the length of 11 inches scientists are still trying to understand as to how the cat used those extra tooth. Smilodon is a genus of the extinct machairodont subfamily of the felids. All Rights Reserved. setTimeout( However tiger-like they may appear to you, Smilodon weren’t even closely related to modern day tigers or lions. Later, many paleontologists followed the same theory and thought that this was … A saber-toothed cat (alternatively spelled sabre-toothed cat) is any member of various extinct groups of predatory mammals that are characterized by long, curved saber-shaped canine teeth which protruded from the mouth even when closed.The saber-toothed cats have been found almost worldwide from the Eocene epoch to the end of the Pleistocene epoch 42 million years ago – 11,000 years ago (kya). Saber-toothed tiger didn't have natural enemies, but it had to compete for food with American lion, dire wolf, lynx and puma. But how much do you really know about the saber-toothed tigers? The smilodon’s diet includes young mammoths, bison, camels, and mastodons. The smallest of the saber-tooth cat weighed 55 to 100 kg (120 to 220 lb) while the biggest measured as much as 220 to 400 kg (490 to 880 lb). display: none !important; Rather it is a specie of famous pre-historic cat known as Smiloden Fatalis. More than 130.000 bones of saber-toothed tiger have been found in the Le Brea Tar Pits in the Los Angeles so far. ); function() { Besides, scientists assume that many other predators replaced them because they were quick and more adaptable than saber tooth tigers. It is known that many animals still have huge teeth or tusks – from elephants and walruses through baboons and hippos up to several species of deer. Investigationes demonstraverunt lectores legere me lius quod ii legunt saepius. This demo site is only for demonstration purposes. Even if their mouths are closed, the long canine teeth extend out of the mouth. Judging by their jaw shape, smilodons didn’t bite as hard as a modern lion, but they could open their mouths almost twice as wide — probably necessary, so they would have room to get those giant teeth into the target. Prehistoric wolves were much bigger than the present-day wolf. This means that they lived in the popular “Ice Age” period. It is actually one of the most famous of the prehistoric animals. Compared to modern day big cats, saber tooth tigers had weaker bites—only as third powerful as the lion’s bite according to Smithsonian. They were iconic critters of the last ice age, even before the Ice Age movies were popular. They could open their jaws 120 degrees, whereas modern lions can only open their jaws to 65-degree angles. timeout Its length was around 79 to 98 inches and its weight was from 150 to 661 pounds. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_28"); PHOTOGRAPH BY BRIAN SWITEK. Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Art, Difference Between Cherries and Cranberries. Researchers have recently discovered that teeth of saber-toothed tiger had at least 2 times faster growth rate compared with canine teeth of modern species of wild cats (saber-toothed tiger was able to replace its milk teeth and develop fully grown canine teeth until the age of 3 years). Most Smilodon fossils have been discovered in L.A.’s La Brea Tar Pits, but we know they made it all the way down to South America. Saber-toothed tiger had thick neck, broad chest, muscular body, short, thick legs and short tail, but it is best known by its large, 7 to 12 inches long, curved canine teeth. Smilodon lived in the Americas during the Pleistocene epoch (2.5 mya – 10,000 years ago). Please reload the CAPTCHA. Scientists are quite sure that the saber tooth tiger wasn’t the only saber-toothed cat around. See the two long canines that extends out of the Smilodon’s mouth even when it’s closed. Saber tooth tiger used to eat American bison, Hemiauchenia, peccary, ground sloths, horses, deer, bison, antelopes, mastodons, and camels. Smilodon lived in the Americas during the Pleistocene epoch (2.5 mya – 10,000 years ago). Since they belong to ice-age, that is why very little is known about them. Saber toothed tigers are an extinct species of cat characterized by their long, curved canine teeth. They used their saber teeth to stab, but not to hold an animal, as holding would break the teeth and there is little evidence for loss or breaking of their teeth. Saber tooth cats had lived in North and South America. All Rights Reserved. They were heavily built and might have looked more like a big bulldog than a modern lion, with short legs and a powerful chest and shoulders.  =  Even if their mouths are closed, the long canine teeth extend out of the mouth. Where did saber tooth tigers live? We know they had very short tails, probably to help them stay hidden for ambushing. We don’t know for sure why they aren’t around anymore. It looks like they went extinct about 10,000 years ago, along with a lot of other animals in the Americas. It is one of the most famous prehistoric mammals and the best known saber-toothed cat. Also the lions and tigers can open their jaws maximum 60 degrees, and smilodon can twice as much. How strong was the saber-toothed tiger – tiger and lions are much stronger Saber-toothed tiger had very thick front legs that were used to immobilize the prey and to prevent it to fight back and potentially break its precious, but brittle canine teeth. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_34"); Paleontologists discovered saber-toothed tigers from South America, North America, and Central America. Saber-toothed tigers had forelegs longer than their rear legs—forcing their entire body posture just a little higher. There could have been many animals that occurred during the ice age. © 2020 - Some Interesting Facts. Saber Tooth Tigers belong to a rare family of mammals. Get flat 25% off on orders of $22 & above on paying with SBI credit. When Did Saber Tooth Tigers Become Extinct? Unlike modern big cats, the Smilodon had much shorter tail. It is believed that this specie became extinct around 10,000 BC, which is quite a long time ago. })(120000); Interesting Saber Tooth Tiger Facts. Deer, horses, camels, bison and young mammoths were favorite type of food of saber-toothed tigers. Here are some basic facts regarding Saber Tooth Tigers. All rights reserved. However, its jaws were able to stretch to 120 degrees, two time more than jaws of lion. The largest was Populator (weighed about 400 kilograms) and it was the twice size of today’s tiger or lion, and the smallest was gracilis (weighing approximately 70 kilograms), and it was the size of a today’s jaguar. We have gathered 11 amazing facts for you to know what is a saber tooth tiger. When saber tooth tiger became extinct?… 10,000 years ago The first saber-toothed mammals appeared before more than 50 million years, and the last saber cats Smilodon and Homotherium died out only 10,000 years ago. Login/Register access is temporary disabled, Saber Tooth Tiger Facts  – Top 20 Most Amazing Facts, Saber tooth tigers were probably the biggest of all the ice age big cats. They would suffer some severe injuries to their lower backs and shoulders as a result. We have gathered 11 amazing facts for you to know, Top 4 Reasons – Why would a Cat Leave You, 5 Real Cat Heroes Who Saved Life – Amazing Actions Done By Cats, 5 Real Dog Heroes Who Saved Life – Heroic Things Done By These Dogs, Does Your Dog Looks Like You – 6 Dogs Who Looks Like Their Owners, Top 6 YouTube Cat Channels You Would Love to Watch, 5 Stupid Habits Of Cats Which Make Them Funny, Differences Between A Cat Guy And Dog Guy – Which one are you. Despite its name, saber-toothed tiger was not a true tiger. Due to poor bites are most likely to have pulled down prey with paws before it bites. In fact, the saber tooth tiger got its name from its large canine teeth that could grow over 7 inches in length. As a result of climate changes and lack of food (extinction of large herbivores), saber-toothed tiger vanished from the planet at the end of the Ice Age, 10.000 years ago.

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