Hope there’s one of Taker tombstoning Mad Ox. Also big thanks to EmperorHoihoIII for the Bohemian Rhapsody ending that I also borrowed for the Starrcast II panel with Sean Waltman & Ron Funches, so as a result I was too high on edibles to explain “no no i didn’t make this one, you can tell it’s not mine as it’s good.” (edit: I can’t find him on reddit, fuck. You come a long way and you deserve every praising you can get. High quality Zandig gifts and merchandise. You don’t need to do things well, you just need to be PC and have diversity. If he’s changed his name someone lemme know so he can get his clout. Brought back so many memories and laughs. Utter crap. The first two were created pre-YouTube by […] j_schafer1 for the Smash Bros. ending However the neatest thing in regard to it happens to be that I now complete all my business mere several hrs day after day which produces me a more of free moments rather than what I had before with my little ones. Origins! I simply can`t tell wether taz is black or caucasian, it doesn`t matter,but i`m curious. KriegerPBW for Krieger vs. Bairns Let’s Go Gekiganger 3 by Para Para MAX Also, I saw the Desert Island with Tom, good stuff. -DJ Hyde says”Fuck” a lot (nothing changes) at his tag team partner Jon Dahmer. The video game for the CZW intro is Maniac Mansion. Congrats on the milestone! That’s your lot, here’s your Twitter & FaceBook links and does anyone remember Article 13? But they did pull one of the best spots of the night during the match. I was never into schemes for instance rapidly becoming “rich overnight” that turned into promotional programs. Congrats Sir! There’s been a million different Baby Yoda Plays With Switches stuff been sent to me but I went with Zandig’s JESUS because it’s a special episode a.k.a. The first three Botchamania videos weren’t created by Maffew (this is Maffew typing, by the way). I’m just tired of this political correctness bullshit that’s been looming around. the wwe wants to jump in on the feminist bandwagon. Make your own joke. mortrager for the Younglins endings I was jobless inspite of giving lots of time and diligence. I liked Hell In A Cell. This video is unavailable. War Games dancing was a forced reference to the good old days of Kajetokun, when YouTube was only YTPs and Stinger1981 uploads of Nitro 1997. So it’s your own […]. 400 of anything is huge. Wow, that Nikki/Charlotte match was bad. And them changing the value of the Diamond Ring was also not a botch, that’s why they kept making joking references to it’s seemingly constantly increasingly value on commentary every week. Fair use allows for you to use footage for criticism as long as you do not post the full matches. Presumptions, presumptions, and complaining about angles that never happened? and it pains me to say something Cena oriented is good.. Go figure the very next comment posted after mine is asking exactly what the Castlevania music is haha, Hy, could someone please tell me the name of the music which can be heard from 6:13-6:46 Except those who bust their ass waiting for a break and having to see some red-headed cum-dumpster who is getting a push to win the NXT Women’s Championship when she can’t even wrestle, sell, talk, or do anything right. Thanks To… Takes me back to when every week you’d have Regal saying ‘Umanga’ even though it was done intentionally and wasn’t a botch. Owens/Ryback was a waste of time but Charlotte/Nikki made me happy. 5 minutes in. Keep it up!!! Thanks for all the hard work! I remember when 50 episodes seemed insane but situations like “something happened in Stardom and a fan filmed it and put it on twitter while tagging you and the show hasn’t even finished yet” are an everyday occurrence so the only thing stopping Botchamania now is the need to sleep. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Someone Who Doesn’t Work For WWE for the Create-A-Pro Wrestling clip This may explain why there’s not a lot of decent reviews for the vast majority of their shows. the only time I’m watching CZW. I like the intro, but it might be a little long to be a regular thing as it is? Reigns/Wyatt was decent, the six-man tag match was fun, New Day vs. Dudleys was decent and Lesnar/Undertaker was ridiculous. 5 minutes in. Levikeiz for the ADR Simpsons ending Congrats Sir! Steve Williams again for the Cornette ending I like the intro, but it might be a little long to be a regular thing as it is? Watch Queue Queue. That Charlotte/Nikki match was one of the worst of the year. Also death. The match against TND was alright, but it could have gone smoother. The unlisted Youtube video has some issues, it’s 1:20 shorter than the other versions and there other bits missing, you should really reupload it or can it since it’s also available in other places. Ever. The WWF War Zone complete commentary dump was posted by thefanman2004 and can be found right here. Matt Riddle for the fabulous intro Women aren’t good wrestlers?………that’s as about as well educated of a comment as saying America won World War 2. That’s your lot, here’s your Twitter & FaceBook links and does anyone remember Article 13? All American Boys by Jim Johnston That ending was so wholesome. No Mercy intro..Cornette ranting bout Kota Ibushi (one of few I disagree with him on btw)..and of course Baby Yoda brings out Danzig. I trimmed the No Mercy intro! @FemmeBalor for the fan footage of the fan Ah, classic Botchamania. Jungle Base by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets Of Rage 2), Thanks To… wresedits for the many Eggman endings It's where your interests connect you with your people. It’s one of the bad endings, the game’s not supposed to end with Zandig audio. I just wanna thank each and every one of yall for all you done to yer bodies. I was never into schemes for instance rapidly becoming “rich overnight” that turned into promotional programs. Zandig's claim to fame in Botchamania comes from an insane promo he delivered after he was beaten down by five opponents from the Hate Club, the most notable part … And you’re damn right about wrestling. I don’t have a “this series helped me thru X” story but, you’re a good dude Maffew and I’ve been a fan since #4 (personally I loved Machomania) and am legitimately proud to be a fan of Botchamania. I’m enjoying the mania of botch! flagrantstats for the CMLL & AAA clips When/how did Botchamania start? Women aren’t good wrestlers. It’s a “divas movement”, sadly it’s not going anywhere. *take it easy man* Thank yall guys, yall are awesome. CZW Point Of No Return (Oct. 8, 2005) The Arena Philadelphia, PA CZW Xposed starts the disc! Doing for the wrestling industry what Iron Man 2 did for Marvel, it’s Botchamania 273: Big Trouble In Little Chyna! 4 separate things that aren’t botches are included. So here we are, 400 episodes. King comment on Ric looking “down” Charlotte reminded me of David Flair titantron XD. Ah, classic Botchamania. I don’t see Rollins being injured being too bad for Rollins especially since they were booking him like dogshit these last few months. Codster9 for Kane vs. Rollins: Gold Edition. ZERO […]. JEEZUS. EmperorHoihoIII for the inspired Queen ending (that he posted on reddit months ago but I wanted to save for a special occasion, like the 400th episode). ric flair blade job for the Lashley ending Yeah because me not referring to her as “talentless cum bucket” is me supporting her “speculative” reign as champion. If the WWE refuses, see if you can find a lawyer who can sue them and get you some money. ), List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…, Steve Williams’ YouTube can be found here, AEW Dynamite explodes onto your browser when you click this, wXw Germany has a fully-English video network, danke, AAA’s fun English language streams can be found here, Game Changer Wrestling for your hip, cool trendy needs, CZW returned to Botchamania just so I can bring back JEEZUS for the 400th episode, Flaming barbed wire can NOT be found in OTT (but Angel Cruz is there so it’s 50/50). how the fuck does this guy hear the talking.. holy shit even sometimes i rewatch the match and i still dont hear it.. crazy.

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